Ross Morgan


A fine artist and illustrator from Adelaide, South Australia, Ross Morgan completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the University of South Australia in 2000. Since then he has been exhibiting in numerous solo and group exhibitions, art prizes and running an independent studio practice.

From an early age growing up in the mid–north of South Australia, Ross consistently enjoyed exploring the rural environment filled with creatures, abandoned structures, machinery and objects of yesteryear. He also practiced drawing, painting, and arts and crafts projects encouraged by his mother at the kitchen table. These early experiences have been key in establishing his life-long interest in drawing and painting.

Ross has a keen fascination for the visual narrative and likes to explore his drawings and paintings as a collective series or sequence. Many of these conceptual and personal artworks have featured in an ongoing series of solo exhibitions. He has also completed a number of commercial commission projects for films, corporate events, and international art collectors.

His love of the visual narrative lead him on the path of wanting to create illustrated stories and books. In 2018 he was selected for the Raising Literacy Australia’s Emerging Author and Illustrator Mentoring Project. Through this initiative he completed his first illustrated book ‘Molly Moores has a House Like Yours’ written by Kaliah Tsakalidis.